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Photography Essay

Photography Essay

Photography appeals to many students, because it’s a great creative process, which only requires a camera, imagination and some skills. Of course, there are a lot of things, which distinguish a skilled photographer from a wannabe, but everyone has to start somewhere. Writing a photography essay may not appear a fascinating task at first, but if you take a closer look, you will actually see that this may be as interesting as taking photos. Here are the topics for a photography essay, which appeal to the wide audience.

Top 6 Essay Photography Topics

  • Photography as a hobby. Although photography is not a cheap hobby, it’s a very fascinating one and many people have chosen it for themselves. It crosses the barriers of age, and for many people it becomes something more than a hobby, at some point even a profession. Photography as a hobby and photography as a profession are worlds apart, because the latter includes constant involvement. However, if a person feels that it’s his or her calling, then it won’t even be perceived as work. You can choose to write an essay on this topic and describe the experience of professional photographers vs those who have chosen photography as their hobby. Whatever angle you choose, make sure to follow the necessary format and structure of the essay.
  • Sports photography. Photography is responsible for capturing many facets of human life and sport is one of them. Sport photography is very fascinating because it captures the moments of joy and sadness, as well as the dynamic moments involved in obtaining victory. If you choose to write an essay on sports photography, you can accompany your essay with the appropriate photographs or describe the experience of famous sport photographs and their influence on the world.
  • Photography and news. Another important aspect of our life is the world of news, because it makes us connected with one another. Many photographers risk their lives trying to capture photos in dangerous areas. You can describe the work of news photographers and give your readers the understanding of what it takes to be one.
  • Underwater photography. Underwater photography had been an unattainable thing until underwater cameras became common. Now, having a waterproof camera and knowing underwater capturing techniques, one can make recording of vivid underwater imagery and share it with millions of people all over the world.
  • Candid camera. The reaction of people who don’t know that they are being filmed is priceless, so photographers can have a lot of fun when creating photos like this. The main thing is to remember about the privacy and never overstep the limits.
  • The history of photography. It’s incredible what path photography has already paved to take the place that it has in our lives right now. There are many museums of photography around the world, where you can find the stories of first legendary photographers, and see the first cameras, which look more like fantastic machines of the past. You can write an essay about one of these cameras or legendary photographers of the past.

Of course, there are a lot of interesting ideas on a photography essay, but you can start with these six!

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