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Top 7 Rules to Make the Professor Like You

Top 7 Rules to Make the Professor Like You

Becoming a university student is a huge step towards adulthood. A big part of your educational process is communication with your professors, because they are the people who first give and then validate your knowledge. The way you will cooperate with your professors will have a significant impact on your progress. Follow these 7 rules and you’ll be able to establish a healthy relationship with your professor.

Rule №1. Study

Professors give you knowledge and if you’re not taking it, they will be angry with you. In addition to simply taking what they give, you can also apply more efforts to your work or take some additional tasks. The main thing is to show interest in what your professor is teaching you.

Rule №2. Be Punctual

Don’t be late and don’t skip classes. If you do this, you will get into the black list very fast, because this is a clear sign of disrespect. If you come late and have a good reason for this, don’t be shy to explain everything to your professor.

Rule №3. Don’t Overdo

Being polite and friendly is very good as long as you’re not getting too polite or too friendly. See how your professor interacts with other students to understand how you can make friends with him or her. If you see that your professor is strict, then you need to behave strictly as well. And if he or she is not too strict, you can allow yourself to tell some relevant jokes or try to tell an interesting story. Stop doing it if you see that it annoys your professor.

Rule №4. Be Polite

Professors are wise and most probably old so they deserve your respect. One of the best ways to show your respect is to be polite. Make your professor understand that you like his or her lecture, make compliments when appropriate and thank your professor for the knowledge that is given to you. But again don’t overdo!

Rule №5. Never Ever Gossip

Gossiping about your professor is the worst thing you can do. Just imagine when he/she finds out who is the real source of gossip. It will be very difficult to recover your reputation after that. Personal insults are inacceptable.

Rule №6. Present a Sign of Attention when Appropriate

It is usually appropriate on the small events and it should be a small gift. The main thing about presenting the signs of attention is that it shouldn’t look like you’re giving a bribe.

Rule №7. Ask Questions

Professors love those students who are passionate about their subjects. You can ask questions either during or after the lecture or during the office hours. Just don’t ask too many questions in order not to be annoying.

There is really no need to re-invent the wheel. You can use these top seven tips to gain the trust of your professor. They have worked perfectly for other professors and they will work for your professor as well.

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