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Green Energy Essay

Green Energy Essay

If one turns to green energy definition, it says that it is the energy obtained from sustainable, renewable energy sources that are eco-friendly and have no supply limits. Fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, cause significant damage to the surrounding and accordingly, cause damage to the ecosystem. As a result, it impelled people to look for less polluting energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal, biofuels, and hydropower.

Although green energy cannot fully put an end to fossil fuels since it would be exceedingly expensive, it keeps becoming increasingly popular since there is a need to use less emitting power option because of climate change that poses a threat to the whole world. Thus, the term ‘green’ does not stand for the most effective sources of energy but for being eco-friendly, which helps to fight with some forms of pollution without draining resources. Below you can find examples of these renewable sources, their mechanism, and their upsides and downsides.

Tidal power is obtained through tidal stream generators or by barrage generation; energy obtained through tidal generation is more eco-friendly and causes less harm to ecosystems. Tides are easier to predict than both wind and solar energies.

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The solar energy has become increasingly popular in residential and rural areas where people use solar panels for economical reasons. In spite of the fact that solar cells have undergone appreciable scientific improvements recently, they have not yet managed to appear highly effective. The insufficient efficiency of marketable solar cells is the main reason why solar panels are usually considered highly expensive.

Another not less popular type of green energy is wind power, which is obtained through the conversion of wind vigor by wind turbines into mechanical or electrical energy. The downsides of wind power are noise and pollution and depending on the design of the turbines, it can also be harmful to birds.

Compressed natural gas has found its application in Canada and America as a substitute for gasoline and diesel because of high costs and for environmental reasons since the air in the cities is usually extremely polluted. Compressed natural gas is more advantageous in terms of pollution and safety than diesel and others. Additionally, in case of a leak, it is lighter than air and thus, disperses faster.

Geothermal energy is an effective method of deriving green energy from the earth through natural processes that do not lead to depletion of resources. It is effective in terms of cost, reliable and eco-friendly but can only be practiced in areas near tectonic plate limits.

There is a variety of green vehicles the great majority of which are based on both partly renewable resources and partly conventional fuels. Using green vehicles has multiple benefits since it leads to the reduction of greenhouse gases release that lead to the pollution of the environment and hence, global warming escalation. Human health can also be improved since these emissions trigger cardiopulmonary and respiratory diseases, as well as lung cancer leading to early mortalities.

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