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Microeconomics Paper

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Microeconomics Paper

To write a good paper, a person needs a great topic to start with. Finding a proper question is a basic step to take for the whole writing process to be effective. A good topic is the one, in which a writer has solid knowledge, and that can be potentially interesting for the target audience. Relevant and credible research in the area of concern is a vital element of a good paper. Time spent on preliminary research and selection of a topic is a valuable investment into the future of the paper. To start with, the area of microeconomics covers economic science that relies on a robust background of scientific research. The latter has crafted methods aimed to help economists in predicting economic tendencies via understanding and knowledge of the market mechanics and potential response to purchasing decisions of particular individuals. It is important that this is only a predictive model, and actual results may differ.

A Sample Essay in the Economic Domain

Nature as the Victim of Industrialization

The economy of the United States demonstrated growth by 100% in the period 1970-2012. The price of such progress is incremental pollution of the environment. Regardless numerous anti-pollution policies, the improvement of the situation is minimal. Hence, pollution remains a major threat nowadays, and microeconomics positions pollution as an externality.

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The growth of the production rates determined by the need for commodities has led to the increase of toxic by-products exceptionally harmful for the environment. These waste products affect the society. Apparently, only the decrease in the amount of goods manufactured by the industry can lead to lowering of contamination rates. The potential decision developed by economists is the inclusion of the costs of pollution in the cost of production. Some of these costs comprise the following issues:

  • effect on property value;
  • influence on human health;
  • impact on recreational events;
  • influence on the wildlife.

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Such a decision will look in the following way in practice: a manufacturer of freezers that cost $700 should add extra $80 to each unit in order to prevent pollution of the environment. Evidently, the quantity of the manufactured units will decrease in this case. As a result, the price for customers will also be increased, and customers will not be likely to buy freezers with the escalated pricing policy. Hence, eco-friendly companies will not be competitive and profitable, and the environment will still be damaged by the ones that refuse to adhere to the currently discussed strategy. In order to contribute to actual reduction of the pollution, there is a need for a paradigm shift in behavioral patterns of customers. As soon as consumers appreciate the eco-friendly approach in the production, companies will be more willing to make changes in their policies. Along with such, governmental legislation can also be employed as an instrument for the protection of the environment. Thus, only a constructive action can be a key to the effective protection of the environment.

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