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Essay about Beauty

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Essay about Beauty

If you need to write the beauty definition essay, read this useful information. What moves us when we say that one thing is beautiful and the other is not? Many things of this world influence this or that image in our perception. Moreover, although we have no concept and understanding of beauty, we feel and define it at the reflex level. Our sense of handsomeness in one way or another depends on the time in which we live, on society, and on the influence of the environment.

Society imposes on us its stereotypes and vision of attractiveness. Its meaning is also different for various nations, for example, Europeans may find ugly something that will be considered beautiful by Asians. The ideals of the beauty of the fourteenth century are very different from modern ones. For example, the perception of the beauty of a woman is very dependent on the social assessment of time and fashion. The ideals of beauty are constantly changing with time. Beauty is at the same time very versatile and changeable. However, there is something that does not change throughout the history of humanity; it is a constant in beauty and determines its essence. We can say that beauty is the harmony of the connection. Sounds, lines, features of the face or body – beauty determines how they relate to each other in space and time. Nevertheless, what determines harmony, what defines how they will relate to each other?

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How to Create the Best Essay about Beauty

In order to understand what beauty is, let us compare two completely different things, beauty and ugliness. To begin with, we will create certain associative series. What do we imagine when we think about handsomeness? What pictures arise in our head? First of all, we imagine a beautiful woman, flowers, landscapes, droplets on fruit, flowering trees. Usually, our associations are the things that are closest to us, and what we see most often, such images arise in our heads. When thinking about ugliness, we imagine things, which cause negative emotions. What relations do we see here? Beauty is the embodiment of life. It is vitality. We are attracted by blooming flowers; this is a symbol of life, a beautiful woman is an image of life.

Beauty is a harmony. It means that a pretty person needs to combine external attractiveness and internal beauty. Nowadays, people are less and less thinking about the importance of the handsomeness of the human soul, although it is much more important than a fashionable hairstyle or makeup. If we analyze the majority of human creations in the entire history of literature, art, and music, we will find a strong and irresistible passion for beauty and love. The most famous books and songs are about love. The whole life of a person is desire for beauty, desire to cross the border and to achieve harmony. Taking into consideration this useful information, you can get the inner beauty essay.

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